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SEN LIGHTS Corporation is a specialized company of manufacture and sale

TEL. +816-6845-5111

1-5-23 Hashirii Toyonaka Osaka 561-0891 JAPAN

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Company Policy

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CEO's Message


Sunlight gave birth to life on the earth, and from that time, mankind has continued ti use this light.
Now , in a world of advanced technologies we all depend more and more on energy from light.
For that reason UV technology will continue to be one of SEN's main areas of interest. As well as light, we aim to respond flexibly to other new technologies. Through the results of our studies, we hope, SEN can make great contributions to developing technology and industry.
we want to progress as a company that enhances lives.

Company History

Our company was established on Jury 1st .
We developed gas laser of HeNe,CO2,CN,Ar.However, it did not become the product
We succeeded in domestic production of rubidium lamp & cell .We entered the field of the ultraviolet radiation.
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SEN LIGHTS Corporation

1-5-23 Hashirii Toyonaka Osaka 561-0891 JAPAN

TEL +816-6845-5111
FAX +816-6857-3468