UV Technology Information
UV Technology is effective for sterilization, deodorization, surface processing, surface curing, modification and cleaning
Containing information on various applied technologies related to ultraviolet radiation.
Using the technical information, it must be stated that it has been obtained or reprinted from the home page of SEN LIGHTS CORPORATION.
Cllassification NO Subject Author Outline
Surface Processing 1 UV Surface Process Kiyoshi Kikuchi Describing in detail the UV surface modification and mechanism and its application which is getting essential for processing in the age of nanometer.
2 Essential Points of UV/Ozone Dry cleaning Kiyoshi Kikuchi The use of UV/Ozone cleaning technique spread in early 1980 with manufacturing of liquid crystal display (LCD), and later development is astonishing. Presently it is used in most highly definition electronic products for cleaning and modification purposes.
3 Performance of the UV Ozone treatment the adhesion Kiyoshi Kikuchi Explain the relationship between surface energy and performance of the adhesion
4 Practical applications of advanced water oxidation process by Ultraviolet lights. Shingo
5 Technique of UV radiation treatment for water purification Shingo
UV Curing 6 UV CURING Technology Seiichiro
What is UV ? 
Explanation of the merit, principle and the wavelength
Lamp 7 Comparison of Low-pressure Mercury Lamp and Excimer Lamp Kiyoshi Kikuchi  

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