Performance of the UV Ozone treatment on the surface of some polymaer
Conditions : Test equipment: UV/Ozone Surface processor(SSP16-110)
Gap between an lamp and the work : 30mm
UV irradiance : 15.9mW/cm2 (254nm)
Fig.Change of the surface energy by UV/Ozone Surface Treatment

Table. Ranking of surface energy dyne level concerning to the adhesion
Ranking of feasibility Surface tension
Performance of the adhesion
Failure level <38 Surface tension level is too low to achieve a practical adhesion force.
Practical but uncertain level 39-50 Dyne level which can achieve practical adhesion force.
However, it is not a safe level; it may lead to lack of adhesion force due to effects of storage conditions after surface treatment or other inappropriate handling.
Excellen level 54-72 This level enables maintaining adhesiveness during stroage for as long as several weeks and can avoid effects by uncertainness of measurements of surface tension.
Excessive or unknown level >72 Caution! not to overdose the modification of the surface, or the surface energy of a substrate and glue will be reversed.
This leads to get worse the surface adhesiveness again.
Angle of a water drop & Surface tension 72 This dyne value is equal with 0 degree contact angle of water drop on a hyper clean glass. It shows the status where molecular layer of organic contamination became thinner and a part of substratum of glass started to be exposed.

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